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News from Week 19 in 2002

Hi, you see a crowded view into my Hifi and hobby room. This week i did meet two ebay fans, bidding for my Quad 306 amp, visiting me. These are the first pictures, showing, what i am doing in late evening time.


With that CD and pre-amp combination, it´s a SONY XA 50 ES and an Accuphase C280L, I am running a very powerful Accuphase P800 with two JBL Ti 250.

Between the JBL´s (ti 250), you will see the midrange panels from my very old "Infinity Servo Static one" and a pair of "Castle Harlech". The Infinity´s are not connected, because currently I do not own a poweramp, to run a load below 2 Ohms. Even the Quad´s cant do this. Beleave me, i did try it, connecting a scope to the output. They dont handle that strong "capacitive" load. And my old Crown D150 has gone some time ago.

This week i did offer my Quad Amps 303 and 306 for sale in ebay.de and the response was surprising me a lot.


I did promise a demonstration for some bidders and others, to show, how nice the Quads do sound in a huge room with 100 sqare meters wide and 6,5 meters high.

Both amps are doing very well with the Castle speakers. We did not run as loud as the JBL´s do, but with these Amps, it was impressive High End High Fidelity.

Mein Hifi Studio in 2001

A better look into my Hifi room in 2001, to imagine, how big it is and see all speakers. (temporaryly set up.)


The Accuphase P800 power amp in the middle is able to deliver thousand Watts per channel peak. Its rated 400 watts per channel (8 ohms) from 10 to 100.000 Hz with 0,00xx distortion. The test says, ist over 750 at 8 ohm and over 1100 at 4 ohm rated output

At that time I was setting up a 5 channel cinema with an old SONY 3 tube !! beamer and a huge screen, it is really impressive. I had a lot of LCD and other beamers for tests in that room, but a SONY is a SONY is a SONY, for movies only, not for PC screens.

Bilder aus 2004

Here are some newer pictures of my Hifi Room. I made some better pictures from sunny April 2004 to demonstrate the dimensions of the listening room. It is 6.5 meters by 13m meters wide and the roof is 6.5 meters high.

Regarding the Accuphase P800, I did not find a better Power Amp than this Accuphase for my JBL TI 250 driven by the Accuphase C280L.

The PC on the picture below is connected to my Netware server with some 100 Gigabyte of wave files and MP3s. The PCI sound board has an optical output and now I am running a Sony DAT DTC 55 ES player as an DA converter only. The sound and the perfection is really impressive. I have another one of this DAT players running to convert my vinyl disks into waves and then into MP3s.

Here you see the sound PC, a Pentium 550 PIII with 380MB RAM and network connection.  The SONY CD XA 50 ES player on the right was the first cd player with digital filters. The sound is absolutely excellent with CDs. But it cannot play MP3s.

And this are my kind of super stable spikes to eleminate deep bass resonances and the JBLs have a tremendous bass capability (and about 65 kilos each).

Und jetzt noch 5+1 mit richtig Power

Inzwischen habe ich auch eine edle Denonn AVP A1 Sourround Anlage für die ganz wenigen DVDs, die wir besitzen.

Seit ein paar Jahren kaufe ich nichts mehr von dem ganzen "Wumm Bumm" Schrott, der da angeboten wird. Die beiden Harry Potters sind uns zu Geburtstagen ins Haus geflattert.

Warum, das lesen Sie in www.k7r.de. Die beiden Endverstärker liefern 5 x 100 Watt Sinus an 8 Ohm, und das reicht auch für diesen Raum für gewaltige Lautstärken.

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