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Hi, you are a Redlich ????

I am Gert Redlich from Wiesbaden in West Germany.

Welcome to this private (German) Redlich page.

This is a German "free of cost" homepage for the Redlich´s (any person named Redlich), to get together. A little part of this page is for my own use, but non comercial.

Most of the Redlich´s are comming from Germany, mostly eastern Germany, formerly known as the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik). The origin of the name "Redlich" is located between Berlin, Rostock and Hamburg, thats the northern part of eastern Germany (that was behind the iron curton). But before 1945 there it was one Germany similar to the time after 1989.

For example : My grandfather Max Redlich was born in Rostock (northern from Berlin) in 1898, he moved to Hamburg in 1918. About him, I know very few details only.


Many of the Redlich´s have left Germany for many reasons, may be they will come back virtually using the internet.


"redlich" means fair, honest, serious - a little bit from all these attributes.


So, if you are a Redlich, you may have a free link to an e-mail address and/or your "none comercial" = private homepage, where ever your page is. But your name must be Redlich. Please give me a mail. I will respond as soon as possible.


Please be patient that this page is mostly in German language. Step by step i will translate the titles and the headlines.


kind regards from Wiesbaden / Germany

Gert Redlich

Autor and Webmaster

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