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A story from Sunday July 27th 2014

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good afternoon, I am Joey and today I am waiting for my food for more than 6 hours ..... are you silly ?

Ok, but I would like to have more ... Millies bone is shit, it is to hard

Hey Gert, water is no good, I like to have a drink from Dave's Whisky

Did you get it - it must be old Scotch Whisky or very old Jim Beam

Look to my ear, I am waiting for your OK

Shit Whisky, I like to have more Steak

Gert, I am no more your friend, I hate water

Bääääääää, its terrible warm and no taste in it

This night I wil bark all day and night

Hey, Joey, try that warm water - it is terrible

Gert, it was the last meal with water, remember my Whisky -

Joey, good luck

Joey - beleave me, the water is warm, terrible

Joey, sorry, there is no more milk

Ok Millie, no more warm water, lets play ......

Oh Millie, you are an old lazy dog

Ok, then I will start playing

Millie, get up and lets play

Millie, you are stupid

No Joey, you are black and I am golden ... and what's that at your end ???? Its black and my one is golden !

Hey Joey, what are you doing ? No kissis today, I am sleepy.

Well, I think, this cat is too young ....

did you influence Millie ???

Aha, Joey has the better food. So I will force my drink - Whisky

I will not leave a crumb for Joey, its much better than mine, its chicken

You see, its emty and clean

Millie, you did finish my food, so I will test your bone ....

Oh, whats that - its a camera - fine, remember, here I am the star, not that lazy golden dog

Gert - do you see that, Millie did try the bone - look to Millies sad face - the bone seems to be badly.

Ok, I will forgive her and we make another try

Hey Millie, why do you shout so much, I am less than 20% of your weight

Millie, be friendly, I am the black panther

Yea Millie, sometimes warm water is better than to play with you

Oh Gert, what a luck, the black panther is busy

No no Millie, not very long, I am back

Na, was it a good demonstration of our playhouse, - yes, we are friends ....

Yes, we are very good friends

Thats all for today, bye bye - Gert from Wiesbaden


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