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Hi, this is my translation of the "warum = why" page.

Why do I do this here ?

There are a lot of Redlich´s all over the world and now, we have the internet to communicate with each other on an economical basis.


Most of the Redlich´s did come from eastern part of Germany, formerly known as the "DDR". But before 1945 there was no "DDR". The (West-) German phone book contains about 400 entries, but these are the known ones only. My one is not in the book, only my companies number.


If you look at Alta Vista or Google, there are more than 7.000 results, looking for "redlich" and a lot of junk. And we have well known relatives. The man who researched and developed the german well known "PAL" Colour-TV System was a Mr. Hans Redlich.


So let´s put us together, help another, may be find new friends, unknown relatives and whatever is possible.


There are some restrictions, using my page :

Dont use these informations for any kind of business or excentric religion. It is strongly prohibited, it is private and it is free.

And please, as the minimum, respect the freedom of thougt (this means the opinion of other people), and the German Law against any pornography.

You will kill me and this page, if I do insert a link to one of these pages.


If you find people here, thinking completely different to your understanding, please respect them and be patient.


On the other hand, I will not use this page in any comercial matter.

Now, let us look, how the Redlich´s will find together.


If you find misspellings or mistakes, please let me know. I try to learn asap.

 If you like to view my wife and me, look here.

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