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This is a translation from an existing German page within this web.

Hallo, I am Gert Redlich from Wiesbaden West Germany.


The idea to do this web was born under the shower. Firstly you (we) cannot look seriously all day and night and secondly, there are not so many Redlichs around the world like Meiers or Schulzes. I thougt so.



That´s me and my wife from 1990. May be, there will be a photo from my cat (we don´t own one) and my bice and my car and my CD-collection and so on - but exactly that I did strongly try to avoid and we did arrive in Eric´s Web-Hell . Please have a look to his pages. He did write down his rules for any internet presence in early 1997. - - - - - And it´s true up to today.

In the meantime there is another photo taken after I did buy a little German company at 29.june.2001 in Wiesbaden.


You may have a look at www.gast-info.de (you would call it Guest Information)

And hier a picture from our last vacation in Spain in 2004. I have never seen so many nice well looking young ladies as in Albufera Club Hotel at the beach of Alcudia in northern Mallorca.

Was really nice, but we all are growing older.

If you like to have a view into my hobby, look here.



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